VFM Outreach Statement

We here at VFM have a burden on our hearts to be a vOiCe that you would HEED in these times of peril, oh reader that you would take notice and be prepared for the shaking of the Nations! We are dedicated to minister to your need oh precious and beloved of GoD! Our desire is to touch the throne of GoD on your behalf, through intercession prayer to invade the kingdom of darkness and his strongholds to restore, repair, & rebuild that which the enemy of our soul has stolen, by & through HiM Who bought and paid for you through HiS redeeming blood poured out for you, and HiS broken body for your healing. So come all you who are lost & broken [in spirit, soul, body, & marriage], whether gang member, convict, straight, gay, or white collar etc....... one word from GoD can and will change your life! Oh taste and see that JeSuS is good and see the power of GoD manifest in your life, give HiM the opportunity by posting your prayer request either through this blog or email@ and our LoRd will meet you at your need! He loves you and is for you not against you, understand this! Hear the SpiRit of GoD! Sincerely,
Gabe, Vero, Julian,
Lil g, Israel, Shiloah, & Hadassah

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bringing the WoRd @Reign

WoRd @Reign:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sharing testimony & the WoRd


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spontaneous WoRd @church!!! Abide in ChRiSt and be ever ready!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

HoLy SpiRiT loving on DaDDy's girls!!!

I attended a woman's conference w/my bride and was asked to close out, and this is what HoLy SpiRit said! It was aWeSoMe to be a part of HiS expression of LoVe!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

We overcome by the BLooD, our TeStImOnY (let's get it right church and keep it in context, the testimony it's speaking of here is ChRiSt and HiM crucified, because we'd have no testimony of overcoming lest He overcame first, so we don't overcome by our testimony, it's that we have a testimony of overcoming because HE overcame) AnD you can't overcome unless you have all three and the third is that We Love Not Our Lives Unto Death.....Let's stop loving our lives in this world, come out from amount them the WoRd declares, hate your life in this world!!! Our we really acting like We Are Not Of This World??? Do we really ask ourselves What Would JeSuS do and act accordingly??? Not that the writer of this has attained to this but is apprehending to all that I've been apprehended for In ChRiSt JeSuS my LoRd!!! 
I love you beloved and precious in HiS sight...continue In HiM!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am willing!!!

       This is revelation the LoRd lead my brother Fred into while spending time w/DaDDy. In which he shared with me and I thought it would be a blessing to share with you beloved and highly precious in HiS sight!!! I pray you truly reflect and meditate on what the LoRd is revealing here, it's HiS heart and desire for you to come into HiM, become one in HiM, and truly abide in HiS lOvE. He lOvEs you you w/an fervent, intense, zealous lOvE that is an all consuming fire. Because it consumes away those things that are harmful to us and keeps us away from HiM, He longs for you jealously to call upon HiM and lean the entirety of yourself upon HiM!!! He is trustworthy, He'LL nEvEr leave nor forsake you, and HiS lOvE can nEvEr be separated from you, it's us who separate ourselves from HiS lOvE!!!
Here it is;
       Matthew 8:3 “I am willing; be cleansed.”
•​The response is from after Jesus came down from the mountain, as large crowds were following Him. As He came down a leper came to Him and bowed down before Him and told Him, not asked, Lord, if You are willing, you can make me clean. Jesus response was “I am willing, be cleaned.” The words “I am” in the original Greek means to love, to delight in with pleasure. So it was God at work in the Son who loved to heal the man with leprosy. God loves therefore He delights in healing, it’s His great pleasure. I like that Jesus used the words I am to his response. I can hear the Father saying, “Love delights in you” I would love to delight myself in you, when God lives in the inside of someone every sickness that is in the body of a person is cast out or takes a back seat so to speak. The second portion of Jesus’ response was be cleansed. He wasn’t only speaking about the leprosy in the physical but also about the leprosy of his spirit. Be cleansed in the original Greek means to be free from defilement of sin and from faults, to purify from wickedness, to free from guilt of sin, and to consecrate. Not only did this man get physically and spiritually healed but also he got freed from sin, purified from wickedness, free from the guilt of sin and got consecrated by the Lord. His life was probably literally transformed all because he told the Lord that if He is willing, that he can make him clean.
       Matthew 8:4 “See that you tell no one; but go show yourself to the priest and present the offering that Moses commanded, as a testimony to them."
•​Right after this man gets healed from leprosy Jesus commands that he tells no one, but go to the priest and to present the offering that Moses commanded. Even though Jesus came to fulfill the law, he never broke the law, that’s why He instructed the leper man to do as Moses commanded, hence following the law. Since the priest was the person who would declare him unclean, he would also be the one who would declare him clean also, even though a priest could only declare him clean on the outside, but Jesus being the perfect high priest already declared him clean on the inside also. I think it very interesting that Jesus instructed him to present an offering to the priest. The word offering in the original Greek means gifts offered in expression of honor, sacrifices and other gifts offered to God, money cast into the treasury for the purposes of the temple and for the support of the poor. Since Jesus being God why didn’t he just command the guy to give Him an offering to express his gratitude? Why? Because love does not demand anything back. Love just gives and gives never expecting anything back in return but because that was the Law and they were commanded by Moses. Notice that it was an offering offered in expression of honor, there was no set amount.
       Be enriched by our LoRd's heart because He is for you not against you. So turn your heart toward HiM and call upon HiM in time of need, HiS is an ever present help in time of need. I write this with tears because of the reality of HiS lOvE toward you, toward us all!!! JeSuS came to return unto us the full fellowship and right and image...... that was lost in the garden as an effect of the fall of man!!! He wants to walk in the cool of the day with each and every one of us [hear the plea of PaPa's heart precious ones] He wants to deposit heaven into your heart, the KiNgDoM in you, JeSuS is the answer to a transformed life!!! Salvation is not a ticket to heaven it's ChRiSt in you the hope of glory!!!!!!!!
       I love you and He LoVeS with and everlasting lOvE, eternity is now, JeSuS said that this is eternal life, that they may know YoU, the only true GoD, and JeSuS ChRiSt whom you have sent.......

Friday, January 4, 2013

       Be sober minded, be vigilant, don't be ignorant of satan's devices but stand against the wiles of the devil.....and know who you are in ChRiSt.....because he also knows the WoRd of GoD and will manipulate it at every opportunity to get you to run around doing something in the LoRd's name, instead of just bEiNg lOvE and allowing everything to overflow from that place of intimacy w/PaPa. Lets get focused on relationship and stop focus on callings and gifting's, because we could find ourselves doing ministry instead of allowing HiM to minister through us!  

       There's a way that seems right to a man, but it's end is the way of death.....

       There's way to much emphasis on callings and gifting, and the BriDe has no idea of who she is in HiM (lost identity). So it's no wonder that we exult pastors and idolize them, then they get puffed up and find their identity in the praises and acceptance of men instead of from PaPa. We are accepted in the beloved, lOvEd by HiM, adopted and grafted into the vine, seated in the heavenly places in ChRiSt, hidden w/ChRiSt in GoD, no longer our own but bought with a price, crucified with ChRiSt and by faith we live in HiM because He loved us first and gave HiMsElF for us!!! He died so we die, and now He lives in resurrection power and likewise we are raised w/HiM, so he who has died is free and dead to sin!!!!!!! Amen!!! So let's stop making it about us and die already and deny ourselves, and be sojourners, not being of the world but just passing through it, because love for this world is enmity w/the FaThEr, and love (agapao (not agape), a) to be well pleased, to be contented (satisfied) at or with a thing) for the world or things in this world, the WoRd says that the lOvE of the FaThEr is not in us. 
Amen, just saying what the WoRd says! We cling to way to many rights, when we already surrendered our rights at the cross, and that's why we walk around all emotional and offended praying for people because we're hurt by them instead of hurting for them. People have no idea of their created value and identity, because if they did they would've never treated you that way, so why wouldn't we be hurt for them!!! GoD doesn't hear those self centered prays "how so and so did this or that,  change them LoRd so I can have a better day, because I'm moved by circumstance and have issues", instead of understanding that lOvE covers all sin and keeps no record of wrongs, hopes the best and believes the best of every person, seeks not its own but esteeming others better than ourselves, honoring and giving preference to on another. Having the mind of ChRiSt who made HiMsElF of no reputation but became a servant, dying the death of a criminal!!! We overcame this world already because He did, by the BlOOd, our testimony (ChRist and HiM crucified), and that we lOvE not our lives unto death!!! Sorry to carry on, well no not really, there's just a lot in my heart, overflowing with a good theme!!! Amen! 
       Be blessed beloved and precious in the sight of GoD!!!!!!!